Abel Bumhira

Abel has started with sculpturing in Chitungwiza. From 1998 Abel has been thought by several sculptors. Thomas Zinyeka has introduced Abel in sculpturing. With different teachers (Ruman Chifamba, Ismael Chitiyo) he has learned different styles. Abel prefers the harder stones like springstone, fruit serpentine en Cobalt stone.

Admire Tonga

14-4-1990 Guruwe Zimbabwe Admire is inspired by Lovemore Kambanja

Albert Chiurawa

Albert is born in a family of 10 children. His parents had difficulties to pay the school fees. So he didn’t get a lot of education. As child Albert was already attracted by sculpturing. Specially in the weekends he went out to learn more about sculpturing. Albert is getting his inspiration from the ancestors. Many people in Zimbabwe give honour to the ancestors because they believe the ancestors can guide them. Albert is a member of "Shandayi Pamwe Artcraft Village" ad Avondale, Harare. This is a corporation of 120 independent working artist and craft workers, man and woman.

Alfred Magwaza

5 mei 1967Mhondoro – Zimbabwe) Alfred Magwaza is not only a great sculptor, but also a very inspiring man. Alfred is born in a family of 4 children. In 1986 he approached his nefu Peter Chizano who was a sculptor. This was a turning point in his life. The first time he was only allowed to polish sculptures and sell them. After quit some time he was allowed to use tools. In 1989 Alfred started as a independent sculptor. His sculptures are strongly influenced by his experiences from his youth on the country side. This concerns people as animals. As young guy he had often to watch the cattle . He was attracted by the influence people have on animals and animals on people. Most of his Works are a mixture of Shona culture and modern art coming from his imagination. A lot of Alfred his work went to the Netherlands. Since 1999 he works intensively together with AfriKan. Since 2000 he is travelling every year to the Netherlands. In 2002 Alfred received the title “Ambassador of the Zimbabwean sculpturing”. This title he deserved during his stay in the Netherlands. During this period he was not only promoting his own art, but the work of all the artists of Zimbabwe. Also he was giving workshops sculpturing. Alfred is coordinator of "Shandayi Pamwe Artcraft Village" at Avondale, Harare. This is a corporation of 120 independent working artist and craft workers, man and woman. Friends call Alfred Enock.

Arnold Takorera

31 -1 – 1071 Takorera Village Murewa Zimbabwe

Artwell Mutindori

Artwell started in 1993 in the township Sakubva, near Mutare. He was thought by his grandfather who encouraged him to go working with stones fulltime.

Bainos Nyamhondoro

1981 Guruwe Bainos started in the artist community Tengenenge in Guruwe in 1999. Famous artist like Bernhard Matemera and Edronce Rukodzi were his teachers. After two years Bainos started his own workshop. In 2003 Bainos moved to Harrare where he worked in different galleries. Bainos loves spiritual communication. Every individual follows his own road, like the ancestors do.

Bendick Mazuvamana

6 jan. 1974 Harare Zimbabwe Many artist have worked during the childhood with the cattle on the country side. Sculptures of birds reminds him of the lovely time he had in his youth.

Benjamin Mundara

1 december 1964 Gutu, Zimbabwe During school the talent of Benjamin for drawing and craft was discovered. After school Benjamin worked some time as a teacher. In 1987 Benjamin married and he got two children. In 1990 stones started to attract Benjamin. He went to the great master Gladman Zinyeka who touched him. After three years of education Benjamin started his own workshop. The National Gallery of Zimbabwe loves his work and frequently they expose work of him. All over the World his work is travelling.

Bernhard Matemera

1949 – 2002 Zezuru, Zimbabwe We are proud to have sculptures from the great master Bernhard Matemera. Bernhard Matemera has had a huge influence on Zimbabwean sculpturing. He was one of the starters of the sculpturing village Tenge Nenge. Right from the start he had his own style. Other sculptors gave him a lot of respect. Bernhard Matemera travelled all over the World. On the picture (januari 2002) you see Bernhard in his workshop in the middle of the village TengeNenge. He was already sick at that time, too ill to get up. But still he was in his workshop to give instructions to his students…. A few months later he passed away.

Brain Dumpson

1987, Mutoko In school Brain loved “art and craft”. In holidays he went to his uncle Alfred Magwaza, where he learned sculpturing.

Brighton Musekiwa Mutongwizo

15 maart 1975 Chiota, Seke, Zimbabwe On school Brighton discovered different art subjects. His elder brothers Kennedy en Victor stimulated him to start with sculpturing. De first years he was meanly doing the polishing and selling. This was happening at the corporation "Shandayi Pamwe Artcraft Village" ad Avondale, Harare. In 1995 Brighton started his own workshop. Since that time Brighton toughed several young artist. Brighton is married with Linah Mutunyani en has two twee daughters and 1 son.

Bvuma Chabvuta

Guruwe Bvuma has been fortunate to learn from the great master Bernhard Matemera. Along with his master, he travelled to Netherlands in 2000. Bvuma's favourite themes are animals and people.

Castanje Njanji

The family of Njanji is a real sculptors family. Castanje and his brothers Tamuka and Tangai worked hard to build a better future. Step by step a new house was build with the money from the sculptures which went all over the world. Specially the visit to Korea gave them a lot of contacts.

Cephas Kampira

27 – 7 – 1970 Banket Cephas started sculpturing in 1996. He was inspired by Godfrey Matenga. He hopes that one day he will be able to follow his sculptures to see how they go on the market on other countries. This will help him to become a famous artist.

Charles Kowo

7/3/1980 Mutoko Charles started sculpturing with the teacher Obert Marime in 2002. Charles is specialised in abstracts, figures and flowers.

Chenjerai Chiripanyanga

1971 Mtoko Zimbabwe From 1991 until 1993 Chenjerai was working and learning at “The National Gallery of Zimbabwe”. In 1994 he was invited in Italy to give workshops. That same year he went also to the Netherlands. The sculptures of Chenjerai have found their way to gallery’s al over the World

Christopher (Choto) Masenda

5 februari 1981 Mutoko, Zimbabwe The familie Masenda is very happy to have four brothers working as an artist: Goodson, Evan, Christopher and Clifford. Christopher and Clifford are twins. All four of them are specialised in making “lovers”, “fishes” and “families”. Clifford is using his artist name, Choto.

Cosmore Manyanga

2 februari 1970 Guruwe Cosmore Manyanga started sculpturing in 1989. He was inspired by Changemind Manyanga.

David Chitaunhike

19 February 1973 David did his primary education at Nyankunzi School and the secondary at Dzivaresekwa. He started sculpturing in 1996. David was inspired by his brothers Moffat and Lovemore Chitaunhike

David Kabike

9 oktober 1968 Rowa district David Kabike had four years of primary school in Mutare. In 1997 he started sculpturing with Rubben Madinhi. David is specialised in family abstracts.

David Mbengeranwa

Dawson Chivizhe

26 June 1973 Chivhu Dawson started sculpting 1994 in Chitungwiza. He was inspired by Thomas Zinyeka. Dawson likes to carve flowers and abstracts.

Douglas Manuhwa

18-4-1968 Makoni Zimbabwe Douglas was inspirerd and taught by his uncle Lovemore Manuhwa.

Dougmore Fombe

1978, Murehwa, Zimbabwe The father of Dougmore was sculptor in Mozambique. Dougmore started in wood, by the time he went to Harare he started to work in Stone. After working some time for , he started his own workshop.

Eckel Nyamhondoro

4 august 1972, Guruwe Eckel had to leave school because there wasn’t enough money to pay school fees. In 1992 Eckel to Enos Chengo who inspired him to go sculpturing. They worked together for four years. After that he went to TengeNenge Art Community. Still he has a stand in Tengenenge. At the present Eckel is working with students. As a master he is taking care of their education. Sculptures of Eckel went all over the world.

Edmond Chamba

5 januari 1971 Harare, Zimbabwe Edmond is a self made artist. He started in 1991. His art is about happiness and miscibility of human being, animals and plants on this earth. Edmond is married and has two sons.

Edward C. Ndoro

15-5-1973 Bulawayo Edward C. Ndoro is born in a family of artists. His father and his brother Silvester where artist. Edward was inspired and taught by his father. Edward started sculpturing in 1992. Most of his work can be seen in galleries in America, united Kingdom Germany, Singapore and South Africa. He is happy AfriKan is taking his work now to the Netherlands. He hopes to end his carrier by becoming a professional teacher in Fine Art.

Elijah Katenhe

18-9-1967 Guruwe Elijah started with sculpturing in 1992. He was inspired by the famous late artist Brighton Sango. Elijah’s work considers human beings, flowers and birds.

Elisha Mafusire



Elvis Mamvura, born in Harare, Zimbabwe, in 1977, is a famous artist. He is the son of the international famous sculptor Albert Nathan Mamvura. Elvis started with his father at the age of 10. Elvis his work is inspired by the Shona culture, with a lot of attention to the human being and the mythology. His talent has caused that his work has travelled all over the World. In Zimbabwe sculptures of his hand were exposed in many gallery’s in Harare, for example the Matombo Gallery and Chapungo Sculpture Park. In 1998/99 he contributed to the 1ste Biënnale Mobil Heritage Exhibition at the National Gallery of Harare.

Ephraim Kanjara

1975 Guruwe Zimbabwe As a little boy Ephraim started as a sculpture. In the beginning this was mainly with small stones. Now a days he is able to work on big pieces, but still he hopes to make a few steps in his career. If this is working out, then he’s going to built a pre-school for his community.

Eseajah Chitanda

30 june 1970 Guruwe

Evans Masenda

24 – 4 – 1972, Mutopo Mudzi: Nzou (elephant) In 1990, Evans started sculpting under the supervision and training of his famous Uncle Ismael Samnuderu. The Masenda family is happy to have four brothers who work as artists: Goodson, Evans, Christopher and Clifford. All four are they specialized in "families" and "lovers".

Ewing Muriro

20 – 08 – 1972 Guruwe Ewing did his primary and secondary school from 1978 to 1989. Ewing started carving in 1990 under influence of Obert Marime. He exposited in The National Gallery of Zimbabwe and Tenge Nenge Art Community in 1993 to 1997. All these years he was working under instructor of Obert. Ewing also has inspired many young artist. From one of them, Luckmore Kaduku , we have also sculptures in our collection. Ewing is married and has four children.

Forbes Suliyari

16 September 1968 Lomagundi Forbes started in 1989 under supervision of Brigton Sango. Forbes hopes that who ever have enjoyed his statue, he will enjoy it for ever.

Gideon Masendeke

Gideon Gideon started with his uncle Masendeke 1978 Taurai Wedza.

Gift Chipuriro

1969, Harare Zimbabwe At school Gift discovered his talent for drawing and wood carving. After school he was send to the fields with cattle. In 1990 he moved to Harare and started with sculpturing. He self is saying that God lead him to sculpturing. He loves his job and it gives him the possibility to take care of his family. Gift is married and has two children.

Ignatius Zhuwakiyi

1-12-1969 St. Mary’s, Chitungwiza Zimbabwe Ignatius started In 1998 under the inspirational leadership of Nvandarika Locadia. A leaf in which God is helping the continents. There are six balls representing a continent. 1 Ball is up; sometimes God is giving more to 1 continent. Because of the wind and the movement of the leaf, other continents can got better places.

Innocent Dzikamai Kapikinyu

24 – 1 -1976 Mutoco Innocent attended his primary school at Nykabau and the secondary at Katskunya. Innocent is the first born in a family of six, two boys and four girls. He is married and has two kids: Givemore and Trymore. He started sculpturing at school art. In 1995, after school, he joined Truck Reffebishers till 1998. Then he went to C Jemali.

Isaac Tego

1970 Rusape Isaac started in 2001 sculpturing. He was inspired by his brother Leonard Tego. Isaac is specialized in family abstracts and creations. He hopes customers appreciate his work so that he can build up a long term relationship.

Jasper Mukuna

3 August 1978 Bulawayo

Jimmy Chifamba

3 november 1979 Guruwe Zimbabwe After school, in 2002 Jimmy started as sculptor. He was strongly influenced by his brother Rhaman Chifamba. After two years of education Jimmy continues alone in 2005.

Joe Fombe

Joel Nhete

Since school Joel Nhete is fascinated by sculpturing. The family Kanyemba inspired him. Sculpturing is for Joel putting down the Shona culture. The work of Joel got worldwide appreciating. It went for example from Zimbabwe to Belgium, Australia and the Netherlands.

John Type

16 augustus 1972 Chitungwiza John is born in a family of 6 children. John started sculpturing in 1989 with Moses Msaya as teacher. John hopes to visit other countries like his sculptures are doing.

Josiah Chigodora

Mutare, 1952 Josiah started in 1980 with sculpture with his friend John Paridzein. Josiah then worked as a teacher at school, but he discovered that he earned more with sculpting. Josiah has contacts with galleries worldwide. He is proud to sculpt with interest in Zimbabwe.

Kefas Muunga

3 march 1963 Mashonaland west Zimbabwe Kefas family is from Kwazulu Natal. So he is not a Shona, but a Zulu. After school Kefas moved to Guruwe. Akence Makore, his friend , introduced Kefas to sculpturing . The art of Kefas went all over the World

Kennedy Musekiwa

29 - 5 - 1962 Marondera Mutopo: Shumba Mhazi Lion Born on May 29 1962 in the Marondera region of Zimbabwe. Kennedy Musekiwa was first inspired by toy making. He began his work in 1985 under the Tutelage of his cousin Victor Mutongwoza. Later First generation Elder sculptor Joseph Ndandarika influenced him, a world acclaimed master sculptor At first Kennedy worked only in small scale but as the years passed he dedicated himself full time to stone sculpture working on exquisite small pieces of which has built a reputation. He expanded his creativity to sculpt breathtaking larger ones. Carving figure inspired by his imagination Kennedy creates traditional spirit themes. Other times he eloquently follows the natural shape of the rock which he draws the form. His works have been extensively exhibited for over years in Europe, South Africa, Botswana, Canada and in particular in the United States. As the most successfully international acclaimed artist of the third generation of sculptors Kennedy has founded a carving co-operative in which the tutors and encourages over twenty young artist every day. He is now considered a master sculptor and has been highly recognised by the national gallery of Zimbabwe for both his personal and artistic contributions and his effort to promote young artist. In addition to carving Kennedy Musekiwa is a competent carpenter and welder. He fashions his own carving tools from metal. He uses chisels from discarded truck springs and hammers from scavenged auto engine parts. Kennedy prides himself on being both creative and resourceful. One of the new products he is bringing out are beautiful candles which symbolising human beings. Kennedy is married to Sarah Musungate and has four children.

Kennedy Zano

27March 1973 Rusape Kennedy started carving in 1992. He was taught by his father Lameck Zano. Kennedy creates a variety of animals: Elephants, Baboons, Monkeys, Gorillas, Meerkats, Birds. Kennedy works in different stones. He is a family man of 3 children.

Kudzanai Dambaza

3/3/1979 Guruwe Zimbabwe

Lloyd Mabureki Brakes

Chinhoyi Lloyd was born and raised in the small town of Chinhoyi in Zimbabwe. During his secondary level he joined the Art and Craft Group. With the inspiration of artist like Joseph Munemo, Thomas Zinyeka en Patrick Kutinyu he develops his own art. Also natural wonders that are found in and around Zimbabwe had a significant influence. These wonders are: · The balancing rocks · Chinhoyi caves · The great Zimbabwe ruïnes · The magnificent Victoria Falls. The power of creation and vision sees Lloyd as his natural talent. His hobbies are travelling in and around the earth, painting nd socializing.

Lovemore Chiremerezhu

23 - 07 – 1986 Muuruwi Zimbabwe “I just did grade seven because my parents did not have money to send me further. I started sculpturing in 2003 and I was inspired by my brother Vhumo. I’m specialised in birds and creations out of springstone. I wish my customer is enjoying my work.

Lovemore Kambanje

Guruwe Zimbabwe Lovemore did his primary and secondary education at Magaya School. Soon after school his interest for sculpturing developed. He received informal training from the late Brighton Zoto Sango. He also studied the work of other early Shona sculptures like E. Rukodzi and A. Makore. They inspired him a lot through their works. The aim of Lovemore is to share with other people the origins of Shona culture. Lovemore works in springstone, serpentine and cobalt stones. He aspires to hold some workshops in the future in order to promote himself and his art.

Luckmore Kaduku

13 november 1988 Guruwe Luckmore Kaduku was inspired by Ewing Muriro.

Maikosi Kanyeredza

24 oktober 1971 Guruwe Maikosi started sculpturing in 1989 under supervision of Edronce Rukodzi. He contributed in the exposition “Zimbabwe heritage” in 1990, 1991 en 1993. He received a qualification as a recognised artist. Maikosi works with springstone, fruit serpentine and cobalt. Beside birds his sculptures are about flowers and human figures. Maikosi is married and has three sons.

Marshall Ruwende

30-6-1986 Mutare, Zimbabwe Marshall started sculpturing in 2001. He was inspired by Hardson Mashusha. Marshall:”I wish all those who buy my sculptures to enjoy them”.

Mavhuto Dirau

22 september 1974 Chinoy Mavhuto was inspired by Paco Dirau. Mavhuto likes his work and still wants to improve. That’s also a question of lack of tools.

Misheck Nyakureba

4-11-1971 Nyanga

Moffat Chitaunhike

5 March 1967, Guruwe Moffat started In 1981 with sculpting under supervision of Brighton Sango. In 1983 he went as an independent artist further. Since that time he has had several exhibitions both locally and internationally.

Moses Katenhe

10/8/1975 Guruwe In 1992 Moses started with sculpturing under supervision of Brighton Sango.

Nichodimus Mutasa

30-04-1970 Rusape The teacher was Joe Mutasa

Nixon Muti

1971 Mutare At a young age Nixon was already a member of the "Art Club" at his school in Mutare. He discovered together with his long time friend Njanji Tamuka the secrets of stone. A breakthrough came when he was allowed in the teachings at Norbert Nathan Shamuyarira. Nixon hopes now on the breakthrough "behind the ocean".

Ownward Sango

1975, Guruwe Ownward is the younger brother of the famous and late artist Brighton Sango. Ownward grew up surrounded by stone statues and his first memories goes back to stone statues, looking at his brother who rocks in art changed. Ownward began to sculping in 1987 under the supervision of his brother. Since that time, he sees himself as an artist. During the years developed his art. Since the beginning of the 1990s, his work evolved independently of his brothers work.

Phanuel Musekiwa Mutongwizo

1 september 1982 Chiota Phanuel Musekiwa was born in a family of three, two boys and a girl. He attended his primary education at Ngundu Schhool in Chiota and his secondary at St. Hughes seke. While still at school he liked Art and Craft and he was creative when making toys. He was inspired to start sculpturing by his father’s young brother Brighton Mutongwizo. He started curving stones when he was still doing his junior certificate in education. Phanuel established his own pieces in Chitungwiza at Picket Mazhindu’s workshop.

Richard Kanjara

2-3-1977 Chinoy Zimbabwe

Ronald Chabvuta

Guruwe Ronald has learned of his brother Bvuma . Bvuma has been fortunate to work together with the great master Bernhard Matemera

Sabarstian Chifamba

5-8-1982 Guruwe Despite that Sabarstian comes from the beautiful surroundings of Guruwe (TengeNenge), he chooses to join an artist’s community in the township Chitongwiza. The main teacher was Rahman Chifamba. Nowadays he works a lot with Tamuka Njanji and Nixon Muti.

Sabatosi Kanyeredza

14 september 1974 Guruwe Sabatosi started sculpturing under supervision of his brother Maikosi. He is specialised in human figures who are doing exercises.

Samson Kuvenguhwa

Africa New style Samson Kuvenguhwa was born on 05-03-53 in Mudzi district Eastern border of Zimbabwe. He is 3rd born in a family of 6 and in a apostolic Faith Mission church as a Christian. Samson started curving at the age of 10 inspired by his grandfather and grandmother who were blacksmiths. They used wood to make plates and walking sticks and also used ilala to make hates and baskets. Sometimes he also joined his grandmother who was a pottery. When Samson left school he became a waiter. Then after he realised that his talent was in curving he started curving by himself using soapstone in 1974. In 1977 he joined Cannan Partson for better experience, were he was specialising in fine arts, abstracts and portraits. This gave him a good proportions and details and that is what he encourages Young artists to start with. In 1979 he left Cannan Partson and formed his own group 5 km. from centre Harara, along Bulawayo road which is still operating today as Kubatana Craft Centre. In 1980 Samson left his group and went back to rural areas. In his rural area there is a respected rural cultural area which is well known as `Mapiti`. Mapiti is a small mountain which was destroyed by Nyadire river were full caves were left over. During the war before the whites, people and animals used to hide in this caves. The name Mapiti was formed due to the sound produced by both people and animals. One day when Samson thought that, if musicians and fashion designers are able to create new style in music and fashion and give them new names, so why not we artist! Then Samson decided to combine Shona art, Absctract, . Fine arts Balancing rocks, caves, clouds, Dried trees or ancient clay well fried hot from the kiln in appearance or burned wood, bronze, custard iron and together it resembled century pieces and named it Mapiti. In 1982 Samson curved 3 good wooden pieces and took them to the National Gallery for exhibition and won the 1st price among 5 countries namely Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana and Tanzania, with apiece entitled Tonga smiling Face and was sponsored by Nedlow. In 1983 he joined the Shona Sculptures for only three months and he wasn´t satisfied and returned to his own group. In 1989 he was invited again by Roy Gathry to join Chapungu Sculptures Park. Since Mapiti was an outstanding art style it became hardly enough for Roy Gathry to promote it as Shona Arts, as well for customers to understand it, as they were used to Shona Art. In 1992 his work was exhibited in the National Gallery with the piece called `Shona woman`and he won the 2nd price, sponsored by Mobile Oil. In 1992 again, Samson as a artist with his own image who doesn´t like to work among others, copier repeat any of his pieces, he left Chapungu and started working alone at his home where he is still operating today. In 1994 he was invited to St. Gallen, Switzerland by D. Ruff where Mapiti was first published and promoted. Samson hosted a one man´s exhibition in 1995 and 1996 with his works in the gallery at Culton Centre in South Africa. In 1997 and 1998 his sculptures were exhibited in Austria. As for today Mapiti is well known in countries such as USA, South Korea, Austria, Belgium, Germany, and Denmark. Now Samson is accompanied by his son Obey Kuvenguhwa.

Skebiosi Mugugu

8 september 1974 Guruwe Zimbabwe Skebioso started sculpting in 1987 while he still went to school. He became a full time artist in 1991. Skebioso is inspired by Henry Munyaradzi and Edronce Rukodzi. Skebioso is married to Rudo and has four children.

Stefan Manuwe

17-10-1971 Makoni Zimbabwe Stefan started sculpturing in 1992 in Kwekwe. The brother of Stefan, Douglas, inspired him. Stefan wishes that more customers will buy his work and share it again with others.

Tahwa Knowledge

3 – 1 – 1968 Totem: Shoko (Monkey) Tahwa started sculpturing in 1986. He was a respected member of the Tenge Nenge Art Community in Guruwe. His sculptures went all over the world: Holland, Germany, U.S.A., Canada, Belgium, England, Australia etc.. Tahwa gave workshops in Lelystad, Holland and in Bruxelles “Solvay Business School”.

Tamuka Njanji

Njanji Tamuka with his pride: woman, child, home. Especially that last one, the House, it was great to see. This also means for the artist that he has built future. This future came with good contacts with collectors and galleries Especially his contacts in Korea give him a lot of work

Tangai Njanji

1968 Chimanimani Commual area Tangai did his primary education at Nyanyadzi School. During his primary school he was good craft man, caving porridge sticks, porridge spoons, knobecarries and also moulding. Tangai Njanji went to Nhedziwa Seceondary school. After school he became a builder. His young brother Tamuka introduced him to sculpturing. They use different type of stones like cobalt, serpentine, Opal, Springstone and many others. They create figures showing human expressions, ideas, customs and cultural values of the Shona people. Tangai’s ideas come from critically analysing the human social environment. He sells his sculptures to collectors from Germany, Belgium, South Africa, Unites States of America, France, Holland and many others. In 1996 he was contributing to Chapungu Gallery, in 1998 in The National Gallery.

Taura Ralph Mlambo

12-09-1983 Mutare Taura is born in a family of five children. He started sculpturing in 1999 while he was still secondary school. Taura is married and has one child. He was toughed and inspired by Edmore Muraicho. His specialism is family abstracts and he his developing creations. He hopes to please his customers so that they share his work with others.

Tawanda Kapusi

18-1-1984 Mvurwi Tawanda started sculpturing at airport road in Harare in 2003. He was inspired by the famous artist Rasheas Mukwaira. Tawanda is married and has two children, one boy, one girl.

Temba Nyanhemwa

15-06-1977 Guruwe Zimbabwe Totem: Moyo (heart) Temba started with sculpturing in 1991. He did this under supervision of the famous and late artist Brighton Sango. In that time Themba had no choice. His parents couldn’t effort to pay the school fees. In 1995 he could leave school with a diploma, with he earned with the money he made out of sculpturing. Temba is getting his inspiration from daily live. Flowers, birds, human beings and animals he wants to put into stone. His sculptures travel all over the world. He wishes to receive one day a invitation to travel overseas to give workshops.

Tendai Mushawepwere

15 – 10 - 1971 Mutoko,Chichobke kraal Tendai was born in a family of four, three boys and one girl. He grew up in Chitungwiza where he completed his primary and secondary education. Tendai was good at drawing. Tendai’s father was a wood worker. Tendai started in 1994started in 1994. He was tought by Chikuse Padzuwa. In 1995 Tendai started his own workshop. Sculpturing has tought Tendai that many people have lost connection with their cultural background. Tendai likes to give people back this importance conection.

Thomas Nyamasoka

1-3-1985 Guruwe Zimbabwe Thomas started in 1997 in Guruwe with sculpturing. He was inspired and taught by Edronce Rukodzi. He hopes customers enjoy his work and share it with others.

Vhumo Chiremerezhu

3 - 5 – 1975 Mutorashanga Zimbabwe “I started sculpturing in 1994 and I was inspired by my Look Mugavazi. I’m specialised in birds and creations. I wish people t enjoy my work and one day I can be a big artist. I’m married and have two girls and a boy.”

Walter Chandavengerwa

Guruwe Zimbabwe 1972 Guruwe Walter started in 1987 under supervision of Live Mubayiwa.

Washington Msonza

1966, Makumbe hospital, Domboshava, Zimbabwe Washington was the First born in a family of 5 brothers and 3 sisters. He started his schooling near his hometown Makumbe at the Govera primary school in the Domboshava district. After the independence war he finished his schooling at the Chitungwiza secondary school from 1984 to 1987 In 1988 Washington started sculpturing. He was inspired by Albert Nathan Mamvura. In 1991 he got a well known sculptor by his contribution to the “The National Gallery of Zimbabwe”. The exposition braught him contact to local art collectors and to international galleries. Sculpturing gave Washington the possibility to travel. His stay in China in 2000 was remarkable with the creation of a three meter high sculpture “Angel protecting Lovers”. In 2002 he was invited to create sculptures of Joseph and Maria for a German church. In that same year he made a 2,5m high sculpture for the Creep museum in Belgium. Washington loves working in big stones because they give him more space to express his idea and messages. ”If I’m working in the stone, then I see the soul of the stone which is talking to me.. Sometimes the stone tells me what to do, sometimes I force the stone to do what I want.” The inspiration comes from traditional storys, religion and communication. “I’m willing to teach anyone art as I was taught, so that art can flourish and be passed on to future generations”, Washington 2006.

Wellington Nyika

14 september 1977 Wellington started sculpturing in 1998 in the famous sculpture gallery Chapunge. His master was Makaza Tinashe. In 2004 he joined the Tsindi park. Wellington is married and father of two children.

William Wilberforce